COVID-19 Update

  • While the world is battling with COVID-19, we can add a message for your website visitors.
  • As communities around the world respond to COVID-19, this time can present unique challenges for your business. You can keep your customers informed about changes to your normal business hours, services offered, and more.


Option 1. We can edit footage that you self-shoot

We’ll ship you simple, inexpensive video tools (lights and microphone) and provide expert guidance and direction so you can SELF-SHOOT great-looking footage that we professionally edit for you.

Option 2. We can create new videos from stock footage, existing footage, voice over, and motion graphics

We create animated videos

We use animation to turn complex ideas and processes into visually dynamic presentations that inform, entertain, and inspire. Including White Board animation videos.

Covid 19 protocols:

  • We provide a highly-experienced Director of Photography with ZERO Covid-19 symptoms. He/she takes and records his own temperature the day before and the morning of the shoot.
  • Before the shoot, the Director of Photography carefully wipes down all equipment with Clorox disinfectant wipes or 70% alcohol solution.– Before entering the location, the Director of Photography puts on a brand new sterile mask and gloves.
  • The Director of Photography also carries spare masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer.
  • Hands are carefully sanitized once per hour on location, in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • The interviewee/talent stays out of the room during setup.
  • The interviewee/talent does his / her own hair and makeup, with optional remote coaching from our makeup artist via Zoom.
  • The Director of Photography maintains approved social distancing (atleast 6 feet away) at all times.
  • We use a boom pole microphone and/or allow the interviewee to self-place a sterilized lavalier microphone.